Welcome to Homeopathy Terenure

My name is Colette Cotter

I am a qualified Homeopath and a registered member of The Irish Society of Homeopaths. I am a graduate of The Irish School of Homeopathy.

My Practice is situated in the Terenure/Templeogue area of Dublin.

I came to Homeopathy through my own ill health. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis a number of years ago. My treatment consisted of the continuous use of medication to supress my immune system with frequent doses of steroids for any relapses. My unhappiness with the long term use of these medications and the desire to use a more holistic approach led me to look at a range of complimentary medicines.

Homeopathy has helped me to become well and to stay healthy.

I enjoy practising and offering a real alternative for those looking for a gentle holistic approach to healing for themselves and their families.


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